Monitoring made easy

Our system consists of two components: lightweight, non-intrusive monitor bands that fasten comfortably to patients' ankles, and an intuitive interface for caregivers to track the status of all active bands at once.

Seamless integration

Our monitors integrate easily into hospital and nursing home EHR systems and transmit activity alerts discreetly to clinicians and existing notification systems. Levitas fits perfectly with your workflow.

How it works


Patients can continue their normal daily activities without any change. Levitas does not inhibit nor restrict movement, ensuring safety without disruption.


When a monitor detects a patient at risk for injury, it sends out a notification. Our system monitors all devices 24/7, ensuring that an emergency never slips through the cracks.


Whether it be through the Levitas interface or through one of our notification devices, caregivers are notified immediately, only when they are truly needed.

Who we are


A group of engineers, medical students, and researchers from New York University

Advisory Board

Researchers, professors, nurses, doctors, and other healthcare and eldercare professionals

People passionate about improving healthcare

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